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Protect Equipment, Crops & Animals

Protection from the elements with permanent or temporary Winkler fabric structures offers you cost-effective durable solutions to your storage and barn needs.

For 35 years Winkler has been offering Fabric Structures which are  great for permanent and temporary storage, equestrian riding, equipment, salt and livestock housing.

Fabric structures are relocatable and make the best use of your property for short and long term warehouse and barn shelters.

Fabric Structures are the perfect solution for temporary or permanent, building or storage needs for any industry.

When you select a fabric structure as a temporary building not only will you have a strong and weatherproof structure, but it doesn't require a foundation, and is portable.

Now you can "bring the shop to the job". These products are widely used around the world at airports, marinas, and construction sites, plus as sports arenas and exhibition halls.

Heavy Duty Fabric Buildings are a Flexible Solutions for Businesses

When you think of a warehouse, or an industrial marina for large boats, you envision a brick-and-mortar or metal building, right? Right. But now businesses around the world have a solution for temporary warehouses or buildings: fabric structures.

Winkler Fabric Structures are a perfect temporary solution for industrial and commercial portable buildings and structures

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Get a Trusted Fabric Structure Manufacturer

Winkler Fabric Structures since 1978

Winkler Structures is focussed on designing and manufacturing the no compromise fabric structure. Their 35+ years of expertise in industrial, agricultural, commercial, and recreational applications guarantees that you will get the right structure for your needs.


We Can Contracting delivers only proven products that stand the test of time.

Today's fabric buildings are superior to older designs like Coverall buildings. Modern designs and material provide safe fabric steel frame shelters and all weather protection for your equipment, stock and animals.

With requirements to engineer buildings to withstand combined snow and wind loads, fabric steel frame buildings now meet several Building Codes and Standards.

Fabric Buildings are built to order and uses can include

  • Livestock Housing
  • Cattle Housing
  • Horse Arena
  • Trailer Storage
  • Compost Storage
  • Feed Storage
  • Animal Housing
  • Farm Storage
  • Calf Nursery
  • Hog Housing
  • Temporary Warehouse
  • Hay Storage
  • Hog Pens
  • Tractor Garage
  • Storage Shed
  • Farm Tool Shed
  • Farm Storage Building
  • Livestock Barn